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How to Not Be a Painful Customer

Be a Good Customer to Work With

Be a Good Customer to Work With

If you have ever been in business, you know who a bad customer is.  They are the one that calls to complain about the free item you gave them and want it replaced.  They are the ones who refuse to read the instruction manual and insist a device does not work.  Our industry is no different.  We all have some bad customers.  What are some of the things you can do to make yourself a bad commercial snow removal company in Denver.

  1. Set up a scheduled account so we don’t have to worry about terms and collections on the day of a big storm.
  2. Have reasonable expectations.  If it has snowed 2 feet in the last 24 hours, it may take us a bit longer that day to get to your place.
  3. Pay your bills if you want the snow removed.  I know that sounds simple enough, but it proves true every year there are a few people who don’t pay bills on time or at all and then are freaking out that we don’t intend to go and do work on their place.
  4. Tell your employees or HOA members to try and park in groups.  This helps us to be more efficient.

Those are a few tips to follow.  If you can do those simple items, please call us so we can get you a cusotmized quote on your snow plow needs in Denver!