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Clogged Gutter and Ice Delimma

This last November I had a client that was having issues with a buildup of ice on their back parking lot and entrance in downtown Denver. This was a big concern of theirs since employees and clients both parked and entered from that back area.  I had recently snow plowed that lot and laid down ice melt so I was curious why this was going on. I stopped by that afternoon and things were melting off with the rise in temperature.

The first thing I noticed were large icicles hanging from the gutter and water spilling over the end. The gutters and downspout where clogged and would not allow for the water to properly flow out to the drainage area at the opposite end of the lot. I mentioned this to the property owner and they called out a gutter cleaning company. The company had to wait for some of the ice to thaw and then they could clean the debris from the gutter and downspout. The property owner now has the gutters cleaned and checked both in late Fall and in Spring to assure this will not happen again. It did end up costing my client some money up front but prevented a larger issue with the structure of the building  or someone slipping and getting injured. I was glad it was not my mistake and it also allowed me to solve my client’s problem and look more professional in the end.