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The Importance of an Experienced Snow Management Plan in Denver

The importance of an experienced snow management plan

The importance of an experienced snow management plan

Are you concerned about heavy snowfalls this winter?  It’s strange, but a lot of snow removal companies are so happy to make a few bucks plowing your parking lot, they don’t seem to plan well for heavy snow winters.  I know this sounds like a “them problem” but a “them problem” can quickly become a “you problem.”  What do we mean?  Well, if a commercial snow removal company in Denver just pushes snow to the edge of a parking lot but doesn’t plan for a lot of snow, what can happen?

  • You can have huge piles of snow that look dirty and don’t go away until June.
  • There can be a problem with traffic flow due to poor planning
  • Parking lot flooding or drainage issues can wreak havoc

Ultimately, you want someone who will not only help keep the snow off the parking lot, but will do the right stuff with the snow they’re moving around.  Just make sure you ask your company what their snow management plan is, if they say, “what’s that”…  run!!