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The Last 20 Feet Can be the Most Expensive – If You Ignore

The Last 20 Feet are Often the Most Important

The Last 20 Feet are Often the Most Important

If you are a facilities manager that is taking care of a parking lot, make sure you aren’t scrimping on the last 20 feet of the commercial snow removal in Denver.  Why?  There are several reasons you need to pay close attention to the areas directly in front of the entrance to your building.  What are the reasons the last 20 feet are generally the most important 20 feet?

  1. Professionalism – This is generally the entry point of your building.  It is the last thing your customer remembers dealing with.  Poorly kept walkways look unprofessional.
  2. Liability – If a back corner isn’t done perfectly, the odds of this being noticed is far lower.  Why?  People don’t travel there much.  Any area that people travel (the walkway is an area everyone travels) are the areas that present the greatest liabilities for injuries and lawsuits.
  3. Convenience — Who wants to feel like they are fighting to get into your business or building
  4. Maintenance — The maintenance on the inside of the building will be lowered as people are able to kick the snow off their shoes and have their boots cleaner before walking into your building.

Make sure that when you sign your snow removal/snow plowing contract here in Denver that you account for the last 20 feet!