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What About Shoveling and Salting?

Snow Shoveling is Crucial to Snow Management

Snow Shoveling is Crucial to Snow Management

Some of our customers here in Denver are wanting to just have us plow their snow and not wanting other essential services due to the economic conditions.  While we can appreciate the desire for reducing costs, there are certainly other areas that this could occur, rather than a fundamental area of liability for a company.

Having a professional snow removal company in Denver doing the shoveling and the salting makes sense because we are used to doing this for commercial accounts.  Sure, your driveway looks awesome that you do yourself, but do you get sued for $1,000,000 if someone slips and falls on your walkway?  Probably not, because it will be you or a family member.  Even though no one wants anyone to get hurt, it won’t ruin your finances for years if someone does.  So, what works well at home may not be enough for a commercial account.

Another benefit from a liability standpoint is that if someone does slip, you will be able to prove you had the walkway shoveled and salted by a professional snow removal company in Denver and this will help remove any punitive damages for negligence.  You want the last 20 feet into a building to be done the best as this is the area most people fall.  Don’t go cheap and give yourself a massive headache down the road!!